Tesla to offer collision repair at Service Centers and through Mobile Service

Tesla’s Mobile Service and Service Centers are now performing on-site and in-house collision repairs to include paint scuffs, scratches, minor dents, and bolt-on replacements such as bumpers, fenders, doors, and side mirrors. Moving to expand repairs done directly by Tesla ensures quality work, quick service, and transparent pricing for owners of its all-electric vehicles. These latest options can be scheduled using the Tesla app via the “Collision Repair” option under the Service menu.

The addition of collision repair service comes as part of Tesla’s promise to expand its repair service capabilities in response to long wait times and quality frustrations reported over the last year. Rapidly expanding fleet numbers have contributed to shortages in parts distribution and technician availability, according to the company’s Q4 Update Letter. However, Tesla has since committed to doubling service capacity in 2019 and stocking all common parts at Service Centers, has expanded transparency through live repair status updates, and begun rolling out vehicle self-diagnosis for certain issues paired with automatic replacement part ordering. Altogether, it appears Tesla is making notable progress towards its improvement goals.

Tesla Service Center. | Image: Tesla

In a further effort to reduce service delays, Tesla recently revised its official servicing recommendations to eliminate the annual maintenance checklist in favor of an “as-needed” basis for appointments. Instead, owners will only need to bring their Model S, Model 3, and Model X cars in for service when there’s a service need on a specific component at a specific interval. This change enables vehicles to stay on roads for longer periods of time and increases service time availability for other repairs.

Tesla also hinted earlier this month that its Mobile Service would be expanding to include other Tesla cars besides the first-generation Model S vehicles being used now. Specifically, a Mobile Service Model X may be outfitted and deployed for bigger repair and maintenance jobs. Now that collision repair has been added as a Mobile Service option, this fleet expansion makes even more sense for increasing the efficiency of on-site repair while staying committed to Tesla’s all-electric vision. The company currently utilizes gas-powered service vans for larger, more complex repairs, and the Model X could help retire that particular fleet.

Tesla’s full announcement of their new service capabilities is detailed below:

“We are excited to announce that Tesla Service is now performing collision repair at our Service Centers and through Mobile Service. Having your vehicle repaired by Tesla ensures quality work, quick service and transparent pricing.

Available repairs include:

  • Paint scuffs and scratches
  • Minor dents
  • Bumper, fender, door, side mirrors and other bolt-on replacements

To have Tesla Service confirm your repair, select ‘Collision Repair’ in the Service Menu of your Tesla app and choose your desired appointment time. If Mobile Service is available, we will coordinate sending a technician to you.”

Tesla to offer collision repair at Service Centers and through Mobile Service


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