Richbrook Seat Covers. Clean AND Safe!

Car carSeat covers! They’re useful little blighters aren’t they? Saving your interior from the everyday detritus of dirt, grease, dog hair, drinks and food. Problem is, although seat covers score very highly on the functional and practical scale, very few are designed to work properly with the current raft of side airbag seats. In fact, […]

SamcoSport Launch New Ford Focus RS Turbo Kits

SamcoSport, the best-selling silicone hose manufacturer has released three exciting new kits for Ford’s impressive Focus RS Turbo. All of the kits are hand-made here in the UK from the highest grade of silicone and individually reinforced to cope with the rigours of the high-performance five-pot motor. Having proven their worth on everything from F1 […]

Ford Tax Disc Holders from Richbrook

The latest official Ford accessory tax disk holders from market leaders Richbrook tip their perfectly machined hats towards two of the greatest icons in Ford’s history. The first will appeal to dear ol’ Henry himself.. ‘Any colour you want – as long as it’s its black’ – as the great man once said. This flawless […]