Ford Tax Disc Holders from Richbrook

The latest official Ford accessory tax disk holders from market leaders Richbrook tip their perfectly machined hats towards two of the greatest icons in Ford’s history.

The first will appeal to dear ol’ Henry himself.. ‘Any colour you want – as long as it’s its black’ – as the great man once said. This flawless hue is applied to Richbrook’s best selling ‘twist-off’ tax disk holder, which affixes to the windscreen with the supplied 3M adhesive pads and makes swapping your tax disk as easy as it is annoying…

The other will appeal to fans of a Mr C. Shelby. Shelby’s farming background meant that in his early racing career, he would turn up to the track in his striped farm overalls. After a few results, these stripes became something of a trademark – and many of Ford’s finest have worn them ever since.

The good news is, you don’t need to be a World class racing driver or automotive trailblazer to afford one of these beauties. Henry’s all black number costs £19.95 and the twin striped number is just £22.95. So, whether you’re running a GT40, bubble-arch Mexico or RS Focus, they’ll look right at home.

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