Porsche Taycan Turbo specs: 96 kWh battery, 600+ hp, air suspension, and repeatable peak performance

By Simon Alvarez Posted on July 16, 2019 The Porsche Taycan is arguably one of the most highly-anticipated electric cars this year, and for good reason. The Taycan is Porsche‚Äôs first modern all-electric car, bred with racing DNA and technology honed in the track from hybrids like the 918 Spyder and the 919 Hybrid Evo. […]

CX3 Tuning

The small fun packed compact SUV from Mazda is a great car, and very well equipped. The NASP petrol engines lack torque and need a bit of extra power in our opinion, but we guess that’s why your here. The turbo models sizzle with performance and really reward the tuner with lots more power from […]

V60 Tuning

We review V60 tuning and outline the optimum mods that work. Volvo V60’s make a good tuning project and with a few sensible motorsport modifications you can dramatically maximize your driving experience. The only thing holding you back in your V60 project is time, money and your imagination The key to V60 tuning is getting […]