i20 tuning

“Thank you for reading my i20 tuning guide.” Hyundai i20 is the new spacious supermini that takes on the Ford Fiesta using a completely new platform and became popular very quickly thanks to good reviews and press coverage. We take a peek at i20 tuning and summarise the best modifications. Hyundai i20s are fantastic to work on and […]

Tesla Gigafactory 3’s substation rises ahead of target Model 3 production

By Simon Alvarez Posted on June 24, 2019 With Gigafactory 3’s Phase 1 buildout completed, Tesla’s electric car production facility continues to evolve.  Recent drone flyovers of the expansive Shanghai site have even revealed that a substation is currently being built. Sightings of workers with ABB Robotics uniforms in the area also hint at sections […]