Tesla community mobilizes to help in Elon Musk’s end-of-Q2 push: Here’s why they do it

By Simon Alvarez Posted on June 23, 2019 Tesla volunteers are mobilizing once more to help the electric car maker deliver as many vehicles as it can before the end of the second quarter. These volunteer-driven initiatives are happening not only in the United States, but in foreign territories as well. Earlier this month, for […]

RS3 tuning

Tuning the Audi RS3 and best RS3 performance parts. Currently kitted out with the 363bhp 2.5 TFSi engine the RS3 is firmly back as THE hot hatch! If you want a car that looks superficially like any other in the work car park, but gives supercar levels of fun and performance at the weekends then […]

Tesla to offer collision repair at Service Centers and through Mobile Service

By Dacia J. Ferris Posted on June 22, 2019 Tesla’s Mobile Service and Service Centers are now performing on-site and in-house collision repairs to include paint scuffs, scratches, minor dents, and bolt-on replacements such as bumpers, fenders, doors, and side mirrors. Moving to expand repairs done directly by Tesla ensures quality work, quick service, and […]