Tesla Model 3 takes on gas-powered Ford in winter defroster showdown: Who melts first?

By Joey Klender Posted on January 21, 2020 When six inches of snow is piled on top of your car, what kind of vehicle is superior in its defrosting capabilities: A Tesla Model 3, or an internal combustion engine vehicle? The owner of both a Model 3 and a Ford Fusion pit the two vehicles […]

Tesla China is subtly flexing the MIC Model 3’s stellar build quality

By Randell Suba Posted on January 20, 2020 High-quality images of a recently-delivered Made-in-China Model 3 sedan have proven that potentially lower labor costs do not result in inferior products. The latest photos of the MIC Model 3 shared by Tesla Model S and X owner and Twitter user Ray4Tesla featured immaculately-finished and perfectly-aligned panels […]

Tesla owner braves fast food Drive-thru in Smart Summon test

By Joey Klender Posted on January 18, 2020 Tesla’s Smart Summon feature has conquered thunderstorms to pick up a family, snow-covered roads, and crowded parking lots successfully. But this time around, the popular Full Self-Driving feature may be facing its toughest test yet — a fast-food drive-thru. Mark Bianco of the BackseatBaller YouTube channel tested […]