Tesla tests specialized Service Centers that are tailored to specific vehicle models

Tesla is taking another step to provide more efficient and top-quality customer service, this time by introducing specialized Service Centers that will cater to specific vehicle models.

Tesla owners in Orange County, California recently received an email informing them that the new Service Center in Santa Ana will only schedule Model 3 vehicles for servicing while the Service Center in Costa Mesa will be dedicated to serving owners of Model X and Model S. Other service centers in the county will continue to service all Tesla vehicle models.

The following email was sent to some Tesla to owners in Orange County (Credit: ericbs via TMC)

We are excited to announce the opening of our newest Service Center in Santa Ana — designated for Model 3.

Starting today, to improve the service experience for all owners, Santa Ana will only schedule Model 3 owners, while Costa Mesa will only schedule Model S and Model X owners. All other Service Centers in the area will continue to serve all Models.

Schedule your next appointment with your Tesla app. For most repairs, Mobile Service will be selected when scheduling your appointment to have a technician come to you — the most convenient way of servicing your car.

We look forward to delivering tailored service throughout Orange County.

With Service Centers in over 32 countries and a growing Mobile Service Fleet, Tesla’s specialized service centers can be seen as an efficient way to improve throughput at each location. With specialization, Tesla as an organization can make its customer service workforce perform their work more effectively. A Model 3 car mechanic, for example, will have a specialized set of skills specific to fixing the mass-produced sedan and this familiarity with the vehicle will result in quicker turnaround. Gaps in skills can also be avoided which in turn will lead to a lower risk of errors in the job and lead to less supervision needed.

This latest move by Tesla shows its commitment to addressing the concerns of its customers.  In 2019, a survey by research firm Bernstein concluded that Tesla owners love their cars but the automaker’s biggest problem is its customer service. Elon Musk has also promised last year that Tesla would stock all common parts at its service centers so services can be completed quickly.

Having Tesla Service Centers with a specific focus on the vehicle model will also help boost the confidence of its customer base, which can translate to brand loyalty. While Tesla vehicles do not require regular maintenance, the Silicon Valley carmaker, since the start, has made its service support easily accessible to vehicle owners. Model 3, Model S, or Model  X owners can easily book a service visit appointment via the Tesla app. There is also the option for mobile service support where technicians will go to a customer’s location on the owner’s preferred date and time. From the palm of one’s hand, owners can practically book a service in less than a minute.

Last month, Tesla announced during its Q4 2019 update that its mobile service fleet has almost doubled in 2019 to 743 vehicles. The company continues to experiment with ways to make customer service more convenient, such as the integration of service bookings with platforms like China’s WeChat and QR codes.

Tesla tests specialized Service Centers that are tailored to specific vehicle models


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