Tesla tests specialized Service Centers that are tailored to specific vehicle models

By Randell Suba Posted on February 18, 2020 Tesla is taking another step to provide more efficient and top-quality customer service, this time by introducing specialized Service Centers that will cater to specific vehicle models. Tesla owners in Orange County, California recently received an email informing them that the new Service Center in Santa Ana […]

Tesla, a stealthy Model Y ramp, and the art of underpromising

By Simon Alvarez Posted on February 16, 2020 There was once a time when it was a legitimate criticism to state that Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, are prone to being a bit too optimistic in presenting a grand vision of the future. But since unveiling the Model Y all-electric crossover, it appears that […]

The Tesla Model Y is perfectly timed for Europe’s crossover market growth

By Randell Suba Posted on February 13, 2020 The Model Y may be Tesla’s most disruptive vehicle yet, and this will likely be evident in Europe, where crossover sales are expected to increase in the coming years. Tesla’s Giga Berlin is estimated to go online in July 2021 and it will start with the production […]