Tesla owners Summon a flash mob in parking lot antics

Tesla’s remotely-controlled Summon feature was primarily designed to assist owners with parking their electric cars in tight spaces, but with a little creativity, it can provide quality entertainment as well. If you’ve ever seen a flash mob dance event published online, you may be happy to know that humans aren’t the only ones capable of synchronized displays.

In a recently published video, the Northern Virginia Tesla Owners Society showed off a “group summon” event their members organized for a few laughs and overall fun. The members’ cars are first seen arranged facing one another in a parking lot, after which their owners simultaneously drive towards a center point and back again without any fender benders. A delighted crowd of onlookers and participants are heard cheering and laughing while the Summon-powered event is successfully executed.

A mix of about 15 Tesla Model S, Model 3, and Model X took part in the display, and a mini Tesla Model S was also in attendance. However, the tiny tagalong was obviously unable to participate in the antics with its larger (older?) brethren for lack of the appropriate hardware and software. The gas-powered vehicles on location also appear to be wistfully admiring the spectacle, assuming their sentience. The Internet thanks all involved for their contribution.

A tiny Tesla Model S is seen cheering on its larger brethren during a group summon event. | Image: Northern Virginia Tesla Owners Society/YouTube

Tesla’s Summon feature is pretty handy in its current version, and owners have been finding various creative ways to use it since its release in June last year. Some have opted to challenge their car’s parking sensors, fitting their vehicles into incredibly narrow parking spaces via remote control. Others have taken up mind-bending short race events, pairing off their Summon-controlled cars in a “track run” measuring 24 feet, the original maximum travel distance for the feature.

The convenience of Summon is soon to be upgraded to “Advanced Summon”, wherein it will allow an owner to call their Tesla from a parking lot to their location using the Tesla mobile app. Owners who are part of the all-electric car maker’s Early Access program recently shared aspects of Advanced Summon expected to be included in the final release. Most notably, once the update is released to all owners, their cars will be able to recognize people and objects in the way of the car’s path as it travels to its owner from its parking spot.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that Advanced Summon is almost ready for release and undergoing his own personal testing. For now, though, regular Summon is still a marvel capable of camera-worthy tricks.

Watch the group of Tesla cars being summoned in the video below:

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Tesla owners Summon a flash mob in parking lot antics


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