Tesla Model 3 supplier to double parts shipments in Q3, says sources

A recent report from an Asian tech-based publication has hinted at what could very well be an upcoming ramp in Model 3 production. According to industry sources, precision stamping service provider and Tesla supplier China FineBlanking Technology (CFTC) is poised to double its monthly shipments of the electric sedan’s components this year. 

The report, which was related by DigiTimes, a news agency that serves the Taiwan and Greater China region, suggested that CFTC would be raising its shipments for Model 3 components to about 40,000 units per month by August 2019. That’s double the company’s shipments today, which currently stand at 20,000 units per month. 

Sources familiar with the proceedings have teased that CFTC will further be supplying the Model 3 with additional components beginning in October 2019. This puts the precision stamping service provider deeper into the Tesla ecosystem, especially considering the upcoming Model 3 production in the Shanghai-based Gigafactory 3, which is expected to start operations later this year

In preparation for its expanded activities, CFTC’s China-based subsidiary is expending its production capacity by building another factory. This facility, which is expected to increase the company’s production efficiency by 40%, is estimated to be completed by the end of 2019. 

CFTC, for its part, has not provided any additional details about its more significant role in the Model 3 supply chain. Nevertheless, the increase in shipments teased by DigiTimes‘ sources does fit uncannily well with the theme of Tesla President of Automotive Jerome Guillen’s leaked email. In his message, Guillen hinted at a boost in production activities in the Fremont factory, which could suggest an even more pronounced Model 3 ramp in the coming months.

An additional push on Model 3 production would make sense for Tesla, considering that the company is yet to deliver the vehicles to several key markets such as Australia and Japan. With Elon Musk assuring that Tesla continues to see healthy demand for its cars, there does seem to be a need for more Model 3 production capabilities. 

This also falls in line with the upcoming production of the Model 3 in Gigafactory 3, as the facility is expected to hit volume production not long after the first vehicles roll off the assembly line later this year. Reports from local Chinese media have suggested that initial Model 3 production could start as early as September, which is around the same time as CFTC’s reported production increase in Model 3 parts shipments. 

Speculating further, one could even consider the possibility of Tesla potentially looking to start the initial production of the Model Y earlier than expected. The Model 3 and the Model Y share around 75% of the same parts. Thus, the additional components that are set to be shipped by the precision stamping service provider could end up supporting both Tesla’s Model 3 ramp and the company’s initial Model Y runs.

Tesla Model 3 supplier to double parts shipments in Q3, says sources


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