Tesla community weighs in on Elon Musk’s upcoming “Tesla news”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent tease of an upcoming announcement has the community guessing on what the “Tesla news” could be about.

Taking to Twitter shortly before midnight Pacific time on Wednesday, Musk posted a series of cryptic tweets, leading with an ambiguous call out to “Thursday 2 pm.” As the Tesla and SpaceX community, and his legion of 25 million followers, began to speculate on what the tweet might be about – perhaps a dig at the shortseller enrichment commission – Musk followed it up with two more posts confirming an upcoming Tesla announcement.

The Tesla community was abuzz following Musk’s confirmation of Thursday’s upcoming “Tesla news” at 2 pm California. A number of Tesla owners within the community were hopeful that an upcoming Supercharger upgrade would be revealed, while some fans and would-be buyers of Tesla’s upcoming all-electric compact SUV saw Musk’s tweet as a sign of a Model Y reveal event. Others were speculating that Tesla might provide an update on the Hardware 3 upgrade, which will bring Full Self-Driving closer to reality.

Though all guesses are up for speculation, Twitter users polled by Teslarati indicate that the vast majority of people believe Musk will make an announcement related to the Model Y SUV. Musk has hinted at the Model Y several times over the past year, mentioning in the Q3 2018 earnings call that he had approved the production of the all-electric SUV’s prototype. More recently, Musk stated that Tesla would start tooling for Model Y sometime this year, achieving volume production for the vehicle by the end of 2020. Musk also mentioned that the SUV would likely be produced at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada.

Tesla has kept the Model Y’s reveal date under wraps, though Elon Musk noted last year that the SUV will be revealed on March 15, 2019. Not long after his announcement, Musk clarified that he only gave the March 15 date as a lighthearted reference to Julius Caesar’s “Ides of March.” Nevertheless, with Model 3 production hitting its stride, the time might finally be right for Tesla to unveil its next big project.

It should be noted that the Model Y is expected to be an even bigger project than the Model 3. Musk has stated that the vehicle, which will compete in the popular SUV market, can see a demand of up to 1 million units per year. Pricing for the Model Y is yet to be announced, though speculations are high that it would be priced above the Model 3. Just like the Model 3, affordable versions of the Model Y will be built on Gigafactory 3 for the local Chinese market. 

Tesla community weighs in on Elon Musk’s upcoming “Tesla news”


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