Elon Musk explains his quirky ‘Elon Tusk’ Twitter profile ahead of $35k Tesla launch

During a press call following the launch of the Standard Range Tesla Model 3 on Thursday, Elon Musk ended up providing a lighthearted explanation behind his recent quirky ‘Elon Tusk’ profile name on Twitter.

Following a series of questions about the new Model 3 variants and Tesla’s updates to Autopilot, Elon Musk took a question from a reporter from digital media firm Mashable. Taking a break from the technical questions of her peers, the Mashable reporter inquired if there was any connection between Musk’s recent ‘Elon Tusk’ Twitter username and the Model 3 launch. Musk answered the question candidly.

“No, I was just playing the fool on Twitter,” Musk said.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk caught much attention on Twitter after he changed his username to one of the most meme-worthy derivatives of his name — Elon Tusk. Seemingly poking fun at himself even further, Musk added an elephant emoji beside his name. He also changed his Twitter avatar five times. 

An image depicting Musk’s various Twitter avatars. (Credit: Alex Catrey/Reddit)

Thanks to his strong social media presence, his tendency to poke fun at himself, and his sense of humor, Elon Musk has become the subject of memes all across the internet. Musk has been pretty welcoming of his online meme-worthiness, as evidenced by his lighthearted reactions to memes of himself which he rated during a recent meme review on YouTube.

Prior to Musk’s change of his Twitter username, social media users have been posting a series of memes featuring derivatives of the Tesla CEO’s name. Musk himself posted one on his Twitter page, which featured “Elon Dusk.” Among the most prominent of these is “Elon Tusk,” which featured Musk’s picture in place of an elephant’s tusk.

All fun aside, Tesla appears to have completed its Model 3 lineup. As noted by the company in a recent update, Tesla now offers a Standard Range Model 3 with 220 miles of range for $35,000, as well as a 240-mile Standard Range Plus variant. Tesla has also announced that the Long Range RWD Model 3, the first version of the vehicle that was sold to the market, will receive a 5% range upgrade through a free over-the-air update, giving the electric car 325 miles of range per charge.

Elon Musk explains his quirky ‘Elon Tusk’ Twitter profile ahead of $35k Tesla launch


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