Sweden’s largest union joins strikes against Tesla

Strikes lodged in Sweden against Tesla have lasted six months, and this week, the country’s largest union announced that it will also back the labor effort.

Along with over a dozen unions that have launched simultaneous action in support of IF Metall’s strikes against Tesla, Sweden’s largest private trade union, Unionen, has now joined in support of the strikes. The union on Tuesday began a blockade against Tesla for workers at DEKRA Industrial AB, a firm that performs inspections on vehicles.

“It is fundamentally important to protect our collective agreement system,” said Martin Wastfeldt, Unionen Negotiation Head, in a statement to Reuters.

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The goal of the ongoing strikes is to get Tesla to sign a collective bargaining agreement, despite the fact that the company and CEO Elon Musk have been outspoken opponents to unions and organizing around the world.

The Unionen blockade is expected to stop DEKRA Industrial AB from performing inspections of pressure vessels, doors, or vehicle lifts on Tesla vehicles.

IF Metall launched strikes against Tesla last fall, with several sympathy strikes following. The union has taken to helping state agencies and companies withhold license plates from Tesla, block the company’s shipments at ports, and attempt to stop new Superchargers from connecting to the grid, to name a few.

Earlier this month, Tesla-certified repair shops recently regained the ability to work on the company’s vehicles a few weeks ago, seemingly easing the strikes. Musk said last month that he thought the labor issues in Sweden had largely subsided.

“I think the storm has passed on that front,” Musk said during a call on X spaces. “I think things are in reasonably good shape in Sweden. I feel good about the future. The long term future of Tesla is strong.”

Following the statement, IF Metall leader Marie Nilsson followed up, noting that the strikes were far from over as the union attempted to reach a collective bargaining agreement with the company.

“The strike is ongoing and we have no signs of reaching an agreement in the near future,” Nilsson said. “We have had a few sittings with the Swedish management during April, but … Tesla has shown little willingness in discussing an end to the conflict.”

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Sweden’s largest union joins strikes against Tesla


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