Elon Musk reveals date Tesla Cybertruck will get Full Self-Driving

Elon Musk has revealed when the Tesla Cybertruck will get Full Self-Driving.

As the Cybertruck has been out for about six months now, one major feature is yet to be rolled out on the all-electric pickup: Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite.

There are many questions to be answered about the Full Self-Driving suite and the Cybertruck. It has not been equipped with the driver assistance feature due to several reasons, likely the steer-by-wire system and the camera positioning, which are vastly different from the other vehicles in Tesla’s lineup.

However, Tesla seems ready to roll out Full Self-Driving on the Cybertruck based on comments from Musk. Last night, Musk said that the automaker will begin rolling out the suite on the all-electric pickup “in late June.”

Musk initially stated that the next Full Self-Driving release, version 12.4, will be released internally this weekend and will make its way to a limited number of beta testers outside of the company next week. He said it will have major improvements, and interventions will be needed at a “5x to 10x improvement” from the current version:

“Btw, 12.4 goes to internal release this weekend and limited external beta next week. Roughly 5X to 10X improvement in miles per intervention vs 12.3.”

Cybertruck will not receive this release; it will receive the next version, which is 12.5. Musk said:

“12.5 will be out in late June. Will also see a major improvement in mpi and is single stack – no more implicit stack on highways.”

He then confirmed in another post on X that Cybertruck will get Full Self-Driving with the 12.5 release.

Full Self-Driving’s release on the Cybertruck will be a major test for the automaker as it will be the first rollout on this type of vehicle. This presents an interesting challenge, but it is likely something Tesla will navigate through in time. As Tesla could potentially expand into other vehicle types in the future, this will be the first test of this nature.

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Elon Musk reveals date Tesla Cybertruck will get Full Self-Driving


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