Young Tesla enthusiasts write 200-page kids’ book on the automaker

Young Tesla enthusiasts have penned a 200-page kids’ book on the automaker, offering information about the science behind the company’s vehicles, as well as its foray into energy, artificial intelligence (AI), and more.

Twins Aiden and Eliana Miao launched their book “Everything Tesla” this week, featuring a comprehensive breakdown of the company’s products written “by kids for kids of all ages.” The siblings, who are now in their freshman year of high school, started working on the book after their parents bought their first Model 3 in 2018, named “Blueberry,” and it’s a pretty impressive product for parents who want to teach their kids about science, Tesla, and more.

Credit: Courtesy of Lightning Strikes Twice (written by Aiden Miao and Eliana Miao)

The siblings wrote the book to help educate other kids about Tesla’s technology, as part of a larger effort to be a part of the fight against climate change. They shared a digital copy of the book with us, and it’s honestly pretty detailed.

“The California wildfires, the Netflix show Our Planet, and my parents getting a Model 3 all brought climate change closer to home,” says Aiden on why the two started the book. “I always knew and cared about climate change, but it started to feel more like something I needed to help make a change about.”

The two began working on the book in 2019, when they were in just fifth grade. While they originally envisioned writing a 20-page book on Tesla and its vehicles, the project turned into something much bigger, as supported by designer Sadie Thomas and editor Alex Cox after others rejected the idea.

Eliana says that the two weren’t taken seriously by many adults in the writing process, due to them being such young authors. To be sure, the two met with several experts in multiple fields to fact-check details, and ultimately, the fact that it was written by children just plays to its strengths—offering such a unique, kid-friendly voice in the Tesla world.

“Many people don’t take you seriously,” Eliana said of the more challenging aspects of writing the book. “It was hard for people to understand and respect our vision of the book because we were kids, which meant that we would often be rejected.

“But there were many perks to this too—being able to be more creative and break some rules, finding awesome people who did believe in our book (shoutout to Sadie Thomas and Alex Cox!), and having motivation to prove the nay-sayers wrong.”

Credit: Courtesy of Lightning Strikes Twice (written by Aiden Miao and Eliana Miao)

The siblings say they also plan to send twin Traveling Book copies for families to pass around at Supercharger stations, adding that they hope the book makes it from their home in California, near where Tesla’s engineering headquarters is located, to the other side of the country.

The book has gone live on Amazon for $19.99 (or $6.99 on Kindle), and you can find the listing here.

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Young Tesla enthusiasts write 200-page kids’ book on the automaker


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