Tesla Summon to get major improvements, Autopark gets a new name

Tesla Summon and Autopark are set to gain major improvements next month, according to company CEO Elon Musk. Autopark is also getting a new name, Musk said, as it appears to be on its way to being called “Banish.”

After Musk stated earlier this month that Tesla would have some “really cool stuff coming this month and next,” owners and fans of the company were left with their own imaginations to think of what could possibly be coming.

While many owners have wished for improvements of things like the Auto Wipers, Tesla has been working behind the scenes to improve some of its semi-autonomous driving features and certain parts of Enhanced Autopilot, including Summon and Autopark.

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It appears those changes and improvements will be unveiled sometime in April, Musk said on X:

While Summon, the feature that allows an owner of a vehicle to literally summon the vehicle to their location, has been effective, it has also had its shortcomings.

Improvements could increase the accuracy of the Summon feature and its confidence when navigating through parking lots.

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Tesla is also expected to roll out Autopark improvements in April, although the feature will have a new name: banish.

Banish will likely refer comically to making a vehicle disappear on its own and find its parking spot without the driver having to manually park the car or even be in the vehicle while it finds and pulls into a space.

This would not only further improve the ownership experience but also bolster progress toward more autonomy in Tesla vehicles.

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Tesla Summon to get major improvements, Autopark gets a new name


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