Tesla’s Elon Musk shares impressive Smart Summon stats, release date for Canada

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla owners whose vehicles received the V10 software update utilized Smart Summon over 550,000 times within the first few days of the new feature’s release.

Smart Summon gives those who own Tesla vehicles the ability to navigate areas such as parking lots on their own towards their owners’ location. In addition to being able to have vehicles meet owners at a select current area, Tesla also has a feature where drivers can pick a geographical location on a map for their car to meet them. The company released a promo video on September 26 showing an owner Summoning his car across a parking lot.

The Silicon Valley-based car manufacturer has also released V10’s first update in the form of 2019.32.11.1. This update did not include patch notes according to some Tesla owners, but they did find that it actually further improves the Smart Summon feature.

Yet, despite this rather limited release, the fact that the feature has been used over 550,000 times just days after its release speaks volumes of the community’s reception of Smart Summon. It does, if any, show that the Tesla community is excited and more than willing to explore new features that the company will be rolling out in the near future.

What is perhaps the most impressive tidbit of information regarding the number of users in the first few days of Smart Summon’s release is the fact that the company has not had this software approved for use in either Europe or Canada. The European Union has yet to give a formal approval for the feature. One follower of Musk’s on Twitter, a European resident in Germany, asked whether there were any updates on the EU passing the software onto Tesla owners in the Eastern Hemisphere. Musk replied, “Not yet.”

But Canada’s Tesla owners seem to be the next group to have the software available to them. Elon Musk clarified that the update should be available in Canada soon and that the company was “Aiming for this weekend!”

One thing Tesla owners haven’t discovered is all the possible uses for Smart Summon. All of the videos that owners have released are those of Tesla vehicles coming to pick up drivers as they are walking out of whatever store they are shopping at. We have seen a wide array of examples of where the feature is extremely helpful, but there is plenty of time for some of the more creative Smart Summon users to utilize the feature for something that nobody has thought of just yet.

Tesla’s Elon Musk shares impressive Smart Summon stats, release date for Canada


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