Tesla Semi spotted delivering upgraded Model 3 sedans

It appears that Tesla is indeed putting its own Tesla Semi fleet to work. This was hinted at in a recent sighting of the Class 8 all-electric truck, which showed the Semi transporting a number of Ultra Red reengineered Model 3 sedans from the Fremont Factory. 

The sighting of the Tesla Semi with its special load was shared on social media platform X by Tesla owner Meriam Al Sultan, who noted in a post that she and her passengers were heading into the Fremont showroom to return a demo vehicle of the upgraded Model 3. As she was leaving the premises after dropping off the all-electric sedan, she and her passengers spotted the Tesla Semi leaving the facility.

The Tesla Semi that was spotted by the EV owner was carrying five reengineered Model 3 units, all of which were painted in Ultra Red. Interestingly enough, the Tesla Semi’s trailer seemed to be configured to transport only five cars at a time. This was less than the conventional car carrier trucks that the electric car maker uses, some of which have been spotted to hold up to eight Teslas. 

Considering that the Tesla Semi in the sighting was only transporting five reengineered Model 3 units, the vehicle was definitely operating far below its fully loaded maximum gross combination weight of 82,000 pounds. The Semi’s speed was evident in the sighting, however, as the Class 8 all-electric truck could be seen accelerating smoothly on the road. 

Tesla Senior Manager for Semi Truck Engineering Dan Priestley previously noted on social media platform X that the electric vehicle maker has been using the Tesla Semi as part of its operations for years. He noted that Tesla’s Semi fleet had transported over 20,000 battery packs from Giga, Nevada, to the Fremont Factory. He also stated that the Semis were running the same route and carrying the same load as the company’s conventional diesel trucks, but they have a lower operating cost. 

“Every day, the Tesla Semi demonstrates that battery electric trucks can directly replace diesel trucks. With our own fleet of Semis, Tesla has shipped >20,000 battery packs out of Gigafactory Nevada to support Fremont vehicle builds. These trucks run the same route, carrying the same load (no load reduction for weight) as the diesel trucks running this route but at substantially lower operating cost. Now, it’s about scale,” the Tesla executive noted. 

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Tesla Semi spotted delivering upgraded Model 3 sedans


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