Tesla highlights an underrated, noble goal FSD

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) makes driving a lot more convenient, and when it gets fully refined, it will have the potential to make roads a lot safer. But FSD’s advantages don’t end there. As highlighted by Tesla recently in social media, FSD also has the capability to give mobility back to people who would otherwise have a hard time operating a car. 

Tesla shared these sentiments in a quote post on its official account on X. Tesla’s official account was responding to a post from Shaddy Mazzini, who posted a photo of his father’s Tesla. Mazzini noted that his father, who does not have the use of his legs, typically uses a specific driving setup to operate his vehicle. But with FSD, his dad reportedly had a much easier time driving around. “For people like my dad, it’s almost heaven sent,” the EV advocate wrote. 

Tesla then highlighted one of FSD’s most noble and most underrated goals in a quote post. “So many people face mobility challenges & find ways to adapt to their environment so they can get where they need to go. FSD Supervised & autonomy are about making transportation accessible for all,” Tesla wrote. 

A look at the conversations about FSD today would show that there is a lot of focus being given to the convenience that the advanced driver-assist system is able to provide. And in a lot of ways, this is true. With FSD engaged, driving becomes a lot easier, and even long trips become far less tiring. That’s a great enough goal, of course, but Tesla’s recent post suggests that FSD could have advantages that many people might not even think about. 

Interestingly enough, such a scenario was presented by a Tesla fan in October 2018. At the time, Troy Edward Nikolic, a Tesla enthusiast and filmmaker, created a fanmade video ad demonstrating just how life-changing a system like FSD could become. The ad itself is over five years old and it was created long before FSD Beta was even a thing, but its message was clear as day. FSD will be life-changing — possibly in more ways than we can ever imagine. 

Watch Nikolic’s fanmade FSD ad from 2018 in the video below. 

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Tesla highlights an underrated, noble goal FSD


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