Tesla rolls out classic Pole Position game for in-car touchscreen with controller support

It’s great when Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivers on a seemingly random tweet, and the latest Tesla version 9.0.2018.48.12 firmware update does just that, plus a couple of other bonuses. Last month, the tech mogul teased the coming of new Easter Eggs for all Model S, Model X and Model 3 before the holidays. The odd combination of “romance” and “toilet humor” subsequently spawned wide speculation along with a lineup of further game and feature requests. Alas, as Tesla over-the-air updates begin rolling out, Tesla drivers are finally getting the full, “most fun” software experience as promised.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new in Tesla’s firmware update 2018.48.12:

  • Mobile App – Car preconditioning via the Tesla app now includes the ability to turn on seat and steering wheel heaters.
  • Romance Mode – A virtual fireplace to be enjoyed in a (maybe) cold parking area, given that it blasts heat, preferably with a partner awesome enough to appreciate the experience. A simple tap to the screen will begin a song along the lines of “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green or Marvin Gay’s “Sexual Healing” to ensure the mood resembles the name of the mode setting it.

Photo credit: Model 3 Owners Club

  • Emissions Testing Mode – A prank feature that allows users to play fart noise sounds from specific vehicle seats on demand. The option to fart when using turn signals is also available as well as the choice of fart style one wishes to execute. Options available: Not a Fart, Short Shorts Rapper, Falcon Heavy, Ludicrous Fart, Neurastink, Boring Fart (aptly named), and I’m So Random. A whoopee cushion icon is provided to clarify this feature’s overall intent. Each fart mode is a reference to various elements comprising the world of Tesla’s famous CEO. See for more insight: The Boring Company, SpaceX, and Neuralink.
  • Pole Position – A new version of the existing TeslAtari game based on the arcade classic, this one being set on Mars and appropriately named “Mars Madness”. A heavily digitized Falcon 9 rockets across the track before the race begins, allowing drivers to speed around and take in the regolith scenery. Watch out for billboards!
  • TeslAtari Game Controller Support – Video game controllers are now compatible with TeslAtari games via front vehicle USB port.

As an avid gamer, Elon Musk has made it clear that his Tesla sights will continuously aim to bring the most interactive fun to the company’s vehicles as possible. In another recent Twitter discussion with the official account for “Niche Gamer”, Musk mentioned the desire to bring a retro-style game called “Blazing Chrome” into the TeslAtari realm. With an AI-apocalypse theme, the game would be a natural fit for a product arising from an AI-wary CEO like Tesla’s.

Since its Version 9.0 firmware release, TeslAtari has proven to be both a popular addition to the company’s electric vehicle software and a successful step towards the “gamification” of the Tesla experience. Aside from the latest “Mars Madness” addition, the games currently hosted in the software include a non-Mars version of Pole Position, Tempest, and Missile Command. In August of this year, Musk announced that Tesla was looking to employ video game developers to deliver “max playability & creativity” to the company’s vehicles. That being said, these latest fun additions are sure to be part of a large family of entertainment features to come.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of Pole Position on TeslAtari:

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Tesla rolls out classic Pole Position game for in-car touchscreen with controller support


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