Tesla reveals plan to address ending Model S & X sales in select markets

Tesla has revealed a new plan to help customers in select markets where the automaker will no longer sell the Model S or Model X.

Select Tesla customers around the world woke up to bad news today. Tesla announced it would no longer be producing right-hand-drive (RHD) variants of the Model S or the Model X and hence, would be halting sales of those models in RHD markets, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and many more. Now, Tesla has revealed its plan to help customers who already had a vehicle ordered.

As initially reported by Sawyer Merrit on Twitter, Tesla will now be hosting seminars in select markets to answer questions from customers who have ordered but not received a Model S or a Model X. The presentations will also include a Q&A section where the company will field questions from customers and attempt to mitigate concerns.

Thus far, it remains unclear what options Tesla will be offering customers who choose to attend these meetings, but a offer has been made public. In the email sent to Model S and Model X customers, they were given the option to take $2,000 off a new Model 3 or Model Y order instead.

Strangely, Tesla has just announced that both the Model S and Model X will be coming to Japan, which is another RHD market, but instead of ending this expansion, Tesla will now be shipping left-hand-drive units to Japan for sale. Tesla has stated it has no plans to restart RHD Model S or Model X production.

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Tesla reveals plan to address ending Model S & X sales in select markets


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