Tesla revamps Referral Program with Cybertruck raffle

Tesla appears to have revamped its Referral Program, and it looks rather interesting. As noted by members of the Tesla community, the new Referral Program provides credits for vehicle purchases, as well as an exciting raffle for an early-edition Cybertruck. 

As stated by Tesla on the Referral Program’s support page, both existing and new owners are eligible to receive credits. Existing Tesla owners can obtain Referral Credits, while new owners can earn Buyer Credits. Loyalty Credits are also available for those who purchase qualifying Tesla products. The company notes that this is a way to show its appreciation to its existing consumers. 

Images shared online by Tesla owners indicate that Model S and Model X purchases provide 6,000 Loyalty Credits. The two flagship vehicles also offer 3,500 Referral Credits. Purchases of the Model 3 and Model Y yield 3,500 Loyalty Credits or 2,000 Referral Credits. Purchases of Solar Roof and Solar Panels yield 9,000 Loyalty Credits or Referral Credits. 

Perhaps most intriguing, however, is the addition of a Cybertruck raffle in the new Referral Program. For 500 credits, participants can enter a raffle that gives them a chance to win one of the first production Cybertrucks to come off the line. Participants are allowed to submit multiple entries to the Cybertruck raffle. 

“Enter for your chance at a free Cybertruck. One winner will be selected at random to receive one of the first Cybertruck VINs off the line – no reservation needed, free of charge,” Tesla noted. 

Given that credits are typically exchanged for items like Tesla merchandise, the Cybertruck raffle might very well become one of the more popular aspects of the new Referral Program. After all, the Cybertruck is arguably one of the most anticipated electric cars this year, so the opportunity to own one of the all-electric pickup truck’s first production units would likely be a strong incentive, both for existing and new Tesla owners alike.

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Tesla revamps Referral Program with Cybertruck raffle


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