Tesla reopens Wuhan store as China regains footing after COVID-19 outbreak

The Tesla Store in Wuhan, China, the city known as the center of the Chinese COVID-19 pandemic, officially resumed business on March 30 after a two-month closure.

Vice President of Tesla China Grace Tao shared the update on Weibo around lunchtime in China on Monday. The store located at 690 Jiefang Road in Wuhan at the International Plaza was shut down in early February after COVID-19 flooded through the Chinese city of over 11 million people. Tesla decided to close all of its retail locations in mainland China on February 6.

Tao shared with her followers that, “I received a video from my colleague in Wuhan before the meeting in the morning, and the Guoguang store was officially resumed. Wuhan friends went out to work for the first time in two months.”

Tesla China VP Grace Tao says the company’s store in Wuhan, once the epicenter of COVID-19 cases, has reopened. (Credit: Weibo | Grace Tao Lin-Tesla)

This marks a significant turn of events for the Chinese city that has indicated its death toll from the pandemic could be in the tens of thousands based on local cremation figures, according to NewsweekChina’s number of infected was once exponentially higher than any other country in the world. However, a plateauing in the number of cases thanks to a nationwide quarantine effort from residents has allowed retail locations in some areas to resume business.

Wuhan has allowed many businesses to reopen amidst the virus, as authorities lifted the mandatory quarantine that lasted over two months. Wuhan’s government has permitted retail locations and malls to resume business to revive the world’s second-largest economy.

While residents are now being allowed to go out and shop in local malls and shopping centers, they are required to stay within the Hubei province that the city of Wuhan is located in until April 8.

Virtually every company in the world has felt the economic effects of the COVID-19 virus, and Tesla is undoubtedly no exception. The electric car maker has made every effort to keep customers and employees in China safe.

Tesla implemented home deliveries, unlimited Supercharging, and webcam-based customer service at many of its Chinese stores. This allowed customers to continue taking delivery of their vehicles or allowed new customers to ask questions to Tesla advisors at the retail location nearest to their residence.

For employees in China, Tesla took several measures to ensure safety and health for its workers. After the Giga Shanghai production facility was forced to close down for an extended period after the Chinese New Year, it reopened on February 10. Employees at the first Gigafactory outside of the United States were shuttled to work in large buses. Still, the intense spread of the virus caused the company to explore several additional measures that included daily disinfection of the facility, and body temperature checks before employees clocked in for their shift.

The reopening of Tesla’s retail location in Wuhan brings economic support to the employees of the store, and the company overall. While Tesla has implemented several ways to limit the damage that the pandemic has done to its business in China, face-to-face interactions at the Tesla store can officially resume.

Tesla reopens Wuhan store as China regains footing after COVID-19 outbreak


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