Tesla owner in CA goes full “Cyber Club Mode” in ultimate DIY project during shelter in place

California-based Tesla Model 3 owner Dr. Gregory Chew took his passion for music and car customizations to a whole new level by installing a unique LED fiber optic kit in the ultimate do-it-yourself project.

The aftermarket LED upgrade does more than just light the interior cabin of his all-electric sedan and can be seen as a Tesla “Cyber Club Mode” that can synchronize its lighting effect to music playing through Model 3’s sound system.

Dr. Chew’s inspiration behind the project came from watching a show on the Mercedes Vision AVTR, a supercar released by the German luxury vehicle manufacturer. “It had Tron-like lighting in the edge of the front seats. I started searching the internet to look at different options currently offered. XKGLOW has a good reliability report and used the least amount of power to run,” Chew tells Teslarati.

Tesla Model 3 Fiber Optic LED Kit

Chew tells us that he ultimately installed the XKGLOW.COM fiber optic LED kit, after testing an array of products from various distributors on eBay and Amazon, Chew says the kit from XKGLOW was superior in build quality and energy efficiency. “I tested out several different lighting company manufacturers…but the quality and endurance of XKGLOW’s product line is far and above the BEST that I tested,” Chew said. “Comparative lighting use too much power, and replacement of failing parts would be a pain.”

Chew installed the following components in this Model 3 to make for the ultimate cyber club inside his car.

  • 40 feet of Fiber Optic Roll (sold in 6’ lengths)
  • 12 XKCHROME RGB LED 5v Heads (each headlights nicely for about 3 feet)
  • 1 Bluetooth Smartphone XKCHROME App Controller (to power the 12v LED parts)
  • 4 XKCHROME RGB LED 12” 12v Tubes (placed to light each footwell)
  • 4 XKCHROME RGB LED 12v Mini-Pods (placed above each door’s cupholder area)
  • 18 1-to-3 Splitter Blocks
  • 20 (6 foot) XKCHROME Extension Wires (Some included in the kit)
  • 14 (3 foot) XKCHROME Extension Wires (Some included in the kit)

The fiber optic LED kit can be performed as a DIY project, however, according to details on XKGKOW’s website, installations can also be performed by qualified installers in each area. Chew said he chose to take on the project himself, and enjoys the process he describes as “an art”.

Tesla vehicles are very customizable when cosmetic options are concerned, and these interior LED lights are no exception. Chew’s cabin design with the music-synched lights is undoubtedly one of the coolest around, and the video of his system has amassed nearly 20,000 views.

Tesla owner in CA goes full “Cyber Club Mode” in ultimate DIY project during shelter in place


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