Tesla readies for Made-in-China Model 3 launch

Tesla’s Chinese division recently released a new teaser for the Made-in-China Model 3, stating that the vehicle is “coming soon” to the largest automotive market in the world.

Tesla’s Model 3 is set to be produced at volume rates of 3,000 units a week at the company’s Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China. This rate was announced by Global VP Grace Tao at the 2019 Shanghai City Promotion Conference. The goal of 12,000 Model 3 vehicles a month out of Gigafactory 3 is a much greater projection than what was seen as possible by Wall Street analysts. Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley,  for one, predicted around 1,100 vehicles produced a week in 2021.

The exact date of the Model 3 availability in China is not yet confirmed. However, local media outlets in China have reported the date will be November 11, making it available to Chinese customers 10 days before the Tesla Pickup Truck unveiling event in LA near the SpaceX Rocket Factory.

Recent flyovers of Gigafactory 3 show around two-dozen trial production Model 3s have been produced. While these are only trial production units, the company has shown they can successfully produce the vehicle at Gigafactory 3 before full manufacturing has begun. This bodes well for the Model 3, as the company based in Silicon Valley, California has high expectations for its most affordable vehicle in the country that houses its Gigafactory 3.

“China is by far the largest market for mid-sized premium sedans. With Model 3 priced on par with gasoline-powered mid-sized sedans (even before gas savings and other benefits), we believe China could become the biggest market for Model 3,” Tesla said in the Q3 earnings call.

The Model 3 has been widely popular across the world. According to the Q3 Earnings Report, the Model 3 was the highest-selling vehicle for the company, making up 82% of its total sales in the third quarter worldwide.

Tesla’s release of the Model 3 in China is a huge step for the electric car maker. China has the largest market for cars in the world, according to data aggregated by Nolasia. China overtook the United States in terms of vehicle volume, registering over 24.6 million cars purchased in 2015 alone, compared to the 17.2 million vehicles bought in the U.S. The country’s electric car industry remains strong as well, as the government has injected $60 billion into the development of battery-powered cars since 2008.

Tesla readies for Made-in-China Model 3 launch


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