Tesla notifies Model Y suppliers to expedite parts production to Q4 2019: report

Recent reports have emerged suggesting that Tesla may be looking to begin producing the Model Y sooner than expected, with suppliers reportedly being notified to manufacture the all-electric crossover’s parts as early as Q4 2019. With this in mind, it appears that Tesla’s updated timetable for the crossover’s release might still be conservative. 

The update from Model Y suppliers was initially related to Asian publication Taiwan Economic Daily. According to the report, Tesla suppliers HOTA and BizLink have been informed by the electric car maker to start the mass production of Model Y parts six months earlier than intended. Considering that Tesla has related in its Q3 2019 Update Letter that the vehicle will likely enter production in Summer 2020, the expedited schedule suggests that mass production for Model Y parts could begin as early as this quarter. 

Quite interestingly, the suppliers were reportedly also notified to expedite the production of parts for the Tesla Semi, though no specific date or timeframe was shared for the long-hauler’s components. 

With these updates in mind, it appears that Tesla may be preparing to start Model Y production activities earlier than its already-updated timetable. When Elon Musk unveiled the crossover back in March, Tesla estimated that the vehicle will start deliveries from Fall 2020, with the base variant starting handovers in Spring 2021. This was a notably conservative timetable for Tesla, which is known for its overly-aggressive targets. 

The Model Y’s production received an update with the release of the electric car maker’s Q3 2019 Update Letter. According to Tesla, its Model Y development is moving faster than scheduled and thus, production of the vehicle could start as early as Summer 2020. It appears that this updated timeframe is the one referenced by Tesla’s suppliers in the recent report from the Taiwanese publication. 

In a way, Tesla does seem to be showing indications that the Model Y will be released sooner than expected. Release candidates of the upcoming all-electric crossover are being spotted in increasing frequencies across the United States, both in Tesla’s home state of CA all the way to states in the East Coast. Varying trims of the vehicle seem to be undergoing real-world testing as well. Apart from these, reports have emerged earlier this year suggesting that the Fremont factory is already being tooled for Model Y production. 

With these in mind, there seems to be a pretty decent chance that Tesla may surprise the market by delivering what could very well be its most disruptive vehicle ahead of schedule. If Tesla were to pull this off, it could provide the company with added momentum, as it would demonstrate that its production targets are now more realistic and feasible. It could also help prove that Tesla and Elon Musk may have learned how to underpromise and overdeliver.

Tesla notifies Model Y suppliers to expedite parts production to Q4 2019: report


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