Tesla Model Y surprises by overtaking Jeeps in quick sand dune climb

There are things that Telsas are known to do. Winning drag races easily is one of them, and more recently, with the advent of the Model S Plaid with Track Mode, competing on the track has become another. Off-roading, however, has always been considered as something that would have to wait, at least until the Cybertruck starts its consumer deliveries. 

This is not to say that Tesla has not put in any effort to develop its vehicles’ off-roading capabilities. When the Model Y was released, electric vehicle enthusiasts quickly observed that the all-electric crossover had a dedicated “Off-Road Assist” mode. Few looked at the feature very seriously, however, as the Model Y’s low ground clearance suggested that the vehicle would be an adequate “soft-roader” at most. 

As per a recent video that was shared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, it would appear that the Tesla Model Y’s off-road performance should probably not be dismissed. In the short clip, the Model Y could be seen starting at the same line as a couple of Jeeps. As the climb began, the Model Y proceeded to easily and authoritatively overtake its two combustion-powered peers. 

At the end of the video, the Model Y could be seen driving all the way up to the top of the sand dune while the two Jeeps turned back near the top. Overall, it’s pretty difficult not to be impressed with the Model Y as it practically treated the sand dune as a drag strip. That’s quite an accomplishment for a city car like the Model Y. 

The video, of course, only increases the excitement for the upcoming Cybertruck, which is starting its deliveries at the end of the month. The Tesla Cybertruck is designed from the ground up to be a tough vehicle that can take severe punishment, so when it comes to tackling sand dunes, the all-electric pickup truck will likely do quite a bit better than its crossover sibling.

Elon Musk has stated in the past that the Cybertruck should be able to perform well at Baja. Over the past months, Cybertruck release candidates were indeed spotted testing at the off-road location. The Cybertruck has also been seen testing at off-road areas like Hollister Hills in California

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Tesla Model Y surprises by overtaking Jeeps in quick sand dune climb


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