Tesla Model Y gets Überturbine Wheels in 21-in as part of Performance Upgrade

Nearly four years after Tesla first revealed its “wind turbine” wheels on a Model 3 prototype at the company’s unveiling event, the electric carmaker is finally bringing it to market for the Model Y Performance crossover.

Customers can order the 21-inch Überturbine wheels via Tesla’s Design Studio as part of an upgrade package for the Model Y Performance variant. The Performance Upgrade also includes increased top speed from 145 mph to 155 mph, performance brakes, lowered suspension, and aluminum alloy pedals. The Model Y Performance variant starts at $60,990 and has an estimated range of 280 miles, while the All-Wheel Drive’s range has been increased to an EPA-estimated 315 miles.

Tesla Model Y 21-in Uberturbine Wheels

The release of the Überturbine comes on the same day Tesla crushed Wall St. estimates in its Q4 2019 and Full Year Update Letter when it notified investors that first deliveries of Model Y will take place sometime in March.

The Überturbine wheels, which were simply nicknamed “wind turbine” wheels, first made waves in 2016 at the unveiling of the Model 3. The gunmetal gray wheels fitted on the red Model 3 prototype initially had 13 spokes around a central hub. Last year, a white Model Y release candidate was spotted with an 11-spoke version of the turbine wheels being tested.

The Model Y is available in two variants, thus far. The Long Range Dual Motor and Performance configuration will both have 315 miles of range and cost $52,990, and $60,990 respectively. The first deliveries are expected at the end of the quarter.

Tesla Model Y gets Überturbine Wheels in 21-in as part of Performance Upgrade


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