Tesla Model 3 unparks itself and drives to save family from torrential rainstorm

Amid Tesla’s recent wide-release of V10 software to those who are equipped with Full-Self Driving capabilities, many owners are posting videos of their cars running any of the features featured on the new update.

The arguably most anticipated and sought after addition to the vehicle is “Smart Summon,” a feature that will allow users to call their vehicle to their location with the use of the Tesla app. Summon’s advantages and uses are limitless and nobody truly knows all of the possible scenarios where it would be considered useful. However, one family showed that if there is a torrential downpour, Summon is a fantastic way to avoid getting drenched when running to your car.

Shareef Yousef uploaded the video on Twitter, who was leaving a grocery store with his kids. When they exited the building from grabbing groceries, they came outside to a severe rainstorm.

Shareef was able to use Summon to bring his car closer to his family, reducing the time they had to spend in the rain. Had the Yousef family owned any car other than a Telsa equipped with the V10 software and FSD, they would have been stuck with wet, uncomfortable clothes from running in the rain.

While Summon was used in this instance by its default “COME TO ME” button, there is an additional feature that allows owners to select a location on a mini-map within the Tesla app in order to meet their vehicle at a determined location. Users will select a location and press and hold “GO TO TARGET,” in order to utilize this feature.

The addition of V10 gives Tesla owners a number of new entertainment and accessibility features. Theater Mode is another addition that is quite popular, as it gives owners the opportunity to stream Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu directly on their vehicle’s dash. The combination of the high-quality screen, along with a top-notch sound system and comfortable seats gives a great boost to any charging session. Joe Mode is fantastic for parents who are looking to keep their kids asleep by halving the volume of alert chimes.

Tesla Model 3 unparks itself and drives to save family from torrential rainstorm


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