Tesla Model 3 Project Highland release imminent: report

The excitement surrounding the release of the Tesla Model 3 Project Highland update is reaching a boiling point. Sightings of the vehicle’s prototypes are abounding and photos featuring alleged components are being shared online. Customers who place a reservation for the Model 3 are reportedly also given the option of taking delivery of a current generation vehicle with multiple incentives or waiting for a Project Highland unit.

A recent report in Chinese business information platform Hixiu has also noted that the release of the Tesla Model 3 Project Highland is imminent, with the platform noting that the vehicle could be launched as early as the start of September. 

Citing sources reportedly close to Tesla, Hixiu claimed that employees have entered a state of “war preparation” as they prepare for Project Highland’s launch. If the report is accurate, it would suggest that Tesla China is indeed preparing for the updated vehicle’s release. 

The rollout of the Model 3’s Project Highland update has been highly anticipated. The vehicle, after all, has remained mostly the same since it was initially unveiled in 2016. Granted, the Model 3 saw a refresh in late 2020, but the changes rolled out then were quite minor, such as new wheels, a new center console, and a powered trunk. 

As per previous reports, the changes that will be implemented on the Model 3 Project Highland will be quite substantial. The vehicle is expected to feature a revamped interior, which includes a new infotainment system similar to the Model S and Model X. This suggests that the Model 3 Project Highland would likely not use driving stalks and instead change its gears through the center touchscreen. 

On its exterior, the Model 3 Project Highland is expected to feature a fully updated front fascia with new headlights, no fog lights, and a revised camera setup. Updated tail lights and new wheels are also expected for the vehicle. The Model 3 Project Highland is also expected to be easier to produce and ramp. 

As noted by Hixiu, it is quite remarkable to see the current generation Tesla Model 3 still performing well in the domestic auto market despite being mostly unchanged over the years. In the Chinese EV sector, cars run the risk of being ridiculed if they are not updated frequently enough. Fortunately for Tesla, its over-the-air software updates have made the Model 3 competitive despite its younger competition. And with Project Highland in the picture, the Tesla Model 3’s momentum would likely be even more notable. 

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Tesla Model 3 Project Highland release imminent: report


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