Fisker releases details on $29,900 Pear production in the US

Fisker released more details on the production of the $29,900 Pear electric vehicle (EV). The Fisker Pear will be produced in the United States and would likely benefit from the country’s EV tax incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act. 

“With PEAR, we threw convention out the window. We created this vehicle with the idea that young people living in the world’s big cities need innovative, versatile, and affordable mobility,” said Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker. 

Fisker is collaborating with Foxconn to produce the Pear. It plans to build a factory in Ohio for Fisker Pear production. The company will offer Fisher Pear customers two battery options. One battery has an estimated range of 180 miles, while the other is made for longer trips with an estimated range of 320 miles per charge, based on Europe’s WLTP standard. 

The Fisher Pear will have RWD and AWD variants. The company will also add an Extreme performance variant to the lineup. The Pear will come standard with 20” wheels. Customers may upgrade to 22” high-performance tires. 

The Fisker Pear is expected to start at $29,900 before options and—even more notable—before incentives. The Fisker Pear could qualify for some of the tax incentives listed in the Inflation Reduction Act. Depending on the Fisker Pear’s battery, customers could be eligible for up to $7,500 in tax credits. If it does qualify for full tax incentives in the United States, the Fisker Pear would cost $22,400 before options. 

Fisker expects to start Pear production and deliveries by July 2025. By that time, Tesla Giga Mexico also aims to begin production on its $25,000 vehicle. 

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Fisker releases details on $29,900 Pear production in the US


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