Tesla Model 3 Performance tries to overheat in high speed Autobahn test, aces it instead

Tesla owner and longtime electric car advocate Bjorn Nyland recently took his Model 3 Performance to the Autobahn in order to test the vehicle’s limits in sustained high-speed driving. More specifically, the Tesla enthusiast wanted to see if his Model 3 will overheat when it’s being floored for miles on end. The results of the test, to say the least, were incredibly surprising and impressive.

Bjorn Nyland has a lot of experience with Teslas, having owned both a Model S and a Model X. He is also known for pushing his vehicles beyond their expected capabilities, as shown in his winter off-roading sessions with his all-electric SUV. Being a longtime Tesla owner, Nyland is familiar with how the Model S and Model X reduce their power after a while during spirited driving sessions. Thus, for his recent video, he wanted to see if his Model 3 Performance had the same limitations.

It did not take long for the Tesla owner to notice that his all-electric sedan was behaving in a different manner compared to his previous vehicles. The Model 3 Performance proved incredibly resilient, largely maintaining speeds above 120 mph (200 km/h) without any issues. The car also had no problems hitting speeds beyond 140 mph (230 km/h). What really surprised the Tesla owner was that the Model 3 did not overheat at all. There were times when the Model 3 Performance seemed to be limiting its speed to around 120 mph, but after a few moments, the vehicle was ready to hit top speed once more.  

The Model 3 Performance might not be equipped with the gut-wrenching acceleration of its larger sibling, the Model S and Model X Performance, but the electric sedan does have its unique attributes. The vehicle, for one, is Tesla’s only track-capable car in its current lineup, with the Performance variant even getting a dedicated “Track Mode,” which helps the all-electric sedan maintain its optimum performance during closed circuit driving. Tests of the Model 3 Performance with Track Mode have shown that the vehicle can outdo high-performance cars such as the BMW M3 around the track.

These capabilities might soon be rolled out to the Model S and Model X, as well, if recent rumors are any indication. According to a recent leak from a reported insider from Tesla, the electric car maker is working on an update for the Model S and Model X, which will give the vehicles increased performance and more range. The “refreshed” electric vehicles will reportedly be adopting a new cooling system for their batteries and motors too, which could potentially open the doors to even more extended periods of high-speed driving, minus any overheating tendencies.

Watch Bjorn Nyland’s Autobahn test of the Model 3 Performance in the video below.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance tries to overheat in high speed Autobahn test, aces it instead


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