Tesla Model 3 navigates roundabout on its own using Smart Summon

Roundabouts aren’t always the easiest to navigate for human drivers, but one Tesla Model 3 was able to successfully go through one using its Smart Summon feature.

The host of YouTube channel All Electric wanted to see how his Model 3 would perform at navigating a roundabout using only Smart Summon. His Model 3, which had Tesla’s 2019.40.50.7 update installed, was able to make its way around the circular junction with minimum hiccups.

As the All Electric host pointed out, his Model 3 was able to enter the roundabout smoothly, while going at 5 mph and slowing down in some parts of the maneuver, before carefully exiting to reach its intended target location.

Tesla’s Smart Summon is a feature that allows users to remotely operate their Tesla from a parking spot to a designated location using their vehicles’ Full Self-Driving suite. The feature still requires users to be within 200 feet of their car, and uses the vehicles’ system of cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors to get around obstacles. Smart Summon is a step closer to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s vision of deploying a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Smart Summon has received plenty of improvements since it was released in September last year as part of the V10 update. The feature has also been put to the test many times, most recently proving that it can drive through a torrential downpour to rescue a family, navigate an intense obstacle course, and take its owner through a drive-thru restaurant.

With full backing from regulatory bodies, Tesla will likely be able to remove the 200-feet restriction on Smart Summon and allow users to call their cars from greater distances. CEO Elon Musk once even mentioned using Summon to call vehicles from across the country. Ultimately, Smart Summon may be a small feature for now, but it will play a central role in the deployment of self-driving Robotaxis.

Musk revealed further details for his vision of an autonomous ride-sharing program during Tesla’s Autonomy Day last year. Musk said he hoped to get the Tesla Network’s Robotaxi service running by 2020.

Watch All Electric‘s latest Smart Summon test in the video below.

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Tesla Model 3 navigates roundabout on its own using Smart Summon


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