Tesla Model 3 Long Range delivery estimates pushed to March-April 2024

Tesla has pushed delivery timelines back again for one of its upgraded Model 3 variants, just weeks after the automaker announced that the refreshed sedan would be hitting North American markets.

After Tesla adjusted delivery timelines for the new Model 3 to February through March earlier this month, the automaker has now pushed estimated deliveries back a little further for the Long Range variant. According to Tesla’s upgraded Model 3 order configurator, the automaker is now expecting Model 3 Long Range deliveries to make it to customers between March and April, pushed back one more month from the recent change.

Credit: Tesla

Despite the Long Range variant now being estimated to reach customers starting in March, the rear-wheel-drive (RWD) option is still showing a delivery timeline of February through March on the configurator. The Long Range starts at a price of $45,990, while the base-level RWD trim is priced at $38,990.

The change also comes after Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha, confirmed plans for a Performance Model 3 variant after an apparent prototype was recently spotted, though it’s not clear when the trim is expected to become available.

Tesla launched the upgraded Model 3 in North America on January 9, after the automaker started rolling the refreshed sedan out in several other markets throughout the latter half of 2023. The upgraded Model 3 is being built at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, though recent footage of the site doesn’t seem to show many units on the plant’s exterior just yet.

Demo drives for the upgraded Model 3 became available just over a week ago at select U.S. locations on the West Coast, though looking at the test drive site now shows that Tesla has expanded these to U.S. states across the country.

In drone footage taken on Friday around the Fremont factory, you can see more of the upgraded Model 3 units than in recent footage, though volume still appears somewhat low.

You can see the recent footage from Tesla’s Fremont factory below, with just a few Model 3 units appearing in the company’s outbound lot around the 4-minute mark.

Customers reported earlier this week that initial North American deliveries of the upgraded Model 3 were slated to begin, with one person’s order saying it would be arriving between January 25 and February 8. The vehicle was also showcased at the Washington D.C. Auto Show this month, alongside the newly released Cybertruck.

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range delivery estimates pushed to March-April 2024


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