Tesla Giga Mexico site prepares for nearshoring activity spike

The government of Nuevo León is preparing for the nearshoring activity spike that Tesla Giga Mexico is expected to attract. 

Work started on the expansion of the Monterrey-Saltillio highway where Tesla Gigafactory Mexico will be situated. Excavation work, about one and a half kilometers along the front of Tesla Giga Mexico, has already started. Preliminary work on the highway’s expansion has begun as well. 

The expansion is the local government’s preparation for its projected increase in vehicular flow in the area. The highway is expected to see a spike in traffic flow as Tesla Mexico’s suppliers establish facilities in the area. Tesla’s arrival in the Santa Catarina area is also expected to attract other companies to Nuevo León. 

Tesla marks a before and after in the economic development of the [Nuevo León],” commented Iván Rivas, the State Secretary of Economy. 

Tesla plans to produce its next-gen electric vehicle in Giga Mexico. The EV manufacturer will start production at Giga Austin, refining the production process and assembly line before breaking ground on its new factory in Mexico. Tesla will implement its “Unboxed Process” during the production of its next-gen vehicle. 

“Several years ago, I said perhaps the most important competitive characteristic of Tesla in the future will be manufacturing technology. And you will really see that come to bear with our next-gen vehicle.

“The first manufacturing location for this will be at our Gigafactory and headquarters in Austin, Texas. And then, we’ll follow that up with other locations around the world. Probably, the factory that will be built in Mexico will be second, and then we’ll be looking to identify a third location, perhaps, by the end of this year or early next outside of North America,” said Elon Musk during his opening remarks of Tesla’s Q4 & Full Year 2023 earnings call.

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Tesla Giga Mexico site prepares for nearshoring activity spike


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