Tesla Model 3 earns rave review from one of Germany’s biggest magazines

Tesla’s much-celebrated Model 3 has earned another rave review, this time from one of Germany’s most accomplished magazines, Der Spiegel. Their conclusion? Tesla Model 3 is poised to strike fear into the hearts of more established automakers in the region.

A midnight gray Model 3 Performance served as the car of choice for Der Spiegel’s latest review of the all-electric sports sedan. Tesla’s trademark acceleration didn’t miss a beat, with the publication validating Model 3’s ability to perform a 0-100 km/h sprint in 3.5 seconds and register a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). The results place Model 3 ahead some of the industry’s top high-performance sedans like the BMW M3. 

Der Spiegel further lauded Tesla for maximizing the space in the Model 3’s cabin, which gave the vehicle more space than other cars in its class. Features that came through over-the-air updates such as Dog Mode, which protects pets that are left inside the vehicle, were lauded by the publication. Some of the Model 3’s more fun capabilities, including Easter Eggs like the now-infamous Emissions Testing Mode (also known as the Fart App) were positively received by Der Spiegel‘s reviewers as well.

Der Spiegel‘s ultimately argued that the Model 3 is not a perfect car by any means, as its interior workmanship is not yet on the level of more experienced manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, and the vehicle has a tendency to rely too much on its 15″ center touchscreen for basic actions like opening the glovebox. Despite these complaints, the reviewers concluded that the Model 3 is something that should strike fear in traditional auto. “Mercedes, BMW, and Audi are trembling in front of this car,” the magazine noted.

Der Spiegel is one of Germany’s most storied magazines. Founded by John British army officer Seymour Chaloner and former Wehrmacht radio operator Rudolf Augstein in 1947 (Chaloner would later be recognized as one of the fifty World Press Freedom Heroes by the International Press Institute in 2000), the publication would go on to establish a reputation for investigative reporting. The magazine currently has a circulation of 840,000 copies per week, making it one of the largest publications in Europe today.

Tesla is currently pushing the Model 3 to Europe, with the electric car maker starting its saturation of the region with the vehicle’s higher-tier variants such as the Long Range AWD and Model 3 Performance. A deeper push into Europe seems to be in order too, as a recent sighting in California indicated that Tesla is now testing a right-hand-drive (RHD) version of the electric sedan, a configuration that will be pushed to territories like the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong, to name a few. 

Tesla Model 3 earns rave review from one of Germany’s biggest magazines


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