Tesla launches clever marketing push in China ahead of local Model 3 production

As Gigafactory 3 nears completion, Tesla is running full speed in its efforts to promote the company and its electric cars to the greater Chinese area. Among the most recent ones is a special partnership with Star Alliance, one of the region’s largest and most prominent airlines group.

According to new material released by Tesla in China, it is working with the Star Alliance group for a promotion that gives the country’s electric car community an opportunity to win airfare tickets around the Pacific area, as well as 5-day test drives in the company’s vehicles. 

This recent marketing push would likely result in greater visibility for the electric car maker’s brand in China. Considering that the Star Alliance group includes prominent airlines such as United, ANA, Air China, and Lufthansa (to name a few), this promotion will allow Tesla to reach, and possibly even tap into, a large demographic of potential customers for the near future. 

These initiatives could result in notable benefits for Tesla, especially since Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai is poised to begin operations soon. Tesla has already opened pre-orders for its Made-in-China Model 3 at the end of May, stating that deliveries of the electric sedan will likely begin in 6-10 months. That translates to November 2019 to March 2020 for the first locally-produced Model 3 deliveries

Fortunately for those that placed reservations for Tesla’s Gigafactory 3-made Model 3, the wait for the vehicle might not be that long at all. So far, Gigafactory 3’s progress has been remarkable, with local media reports pointing to the possibility of trial Model 3 production runs starting as early as September. A substation at the southwest of Gigafactory 3’s general assembly building is also expected to go live in the same month. With this in mind, there seems to be a pretty good chance that initial Model 3 production could start sometime before November. 

Despite the usual negative narrative and misinformation surrounding the company, Tesla continues to develop a reputation for being a maker of some of the world’s finest premium electric cars. This results in Tesla’s vehicles garnering a lot of interest, as exhibited by the amount of traffic that overwhelmed Tesla China’s official website after pre-orders for the Gigafactory 3-made Model 3 was opened to the public last May. The influx of  visitors proved enough to crash Tesla China’s website, resulting in the electric car maker issuing an apology to its customers online and advising would-be Model 3 buyers to place their orders at a physical Tesla store instead.

Tesla launches clever marketing push in China ahead of local Model 3 production


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