Tesla delivers over 700 vehicles to Western Australia

Tesla recently delivered a whopping 749 Model Y and Model 3 vehicles to Western Australia (WA). The deliveries hint at the rising demand for Tesla in certain parts Down Under. 

Recently, Tesla Owners Club Western Australia shared a photo of Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles arriving at the Fremantle port via the Crystal Ace transport ship in Western Australia. Not all 749 Tesla vehicles were captured in the photos. Only around 400+ Model Y and Model 3s are shown in the picture. However, one X commenter informed netizens that the remaining 300+ were unloaded from Crystal Ace after sunset.

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Tesla’s growing presence in Australia has helped it expand vehicle deliveries. Western Australia is the latest addition to Tesla’s expanding delivery points. The company would have to transfer cars from the east to the west coast of Australia before delivering directly to the port in WA. Tesla vehicles sent to Fremantle port will likely speed up the delivery process, encouraging more people to buy from the company. 

As of this writing, Tesla sells the Model Y RWD, Long Range, and Performance in WA. The RWD variant starts at $65,400. Meanwhile, the Model Y Long Range starts at $78,400, and the Performance costs $91,400 before options.

Tesla offers Model 3 RWD, Long Range, and Performance to consumers in Western Australia. The RWD costs $57,400 before options. The Long Range Model 3 starts at $70,400, and the Performance variant starts at $83,400. 

The WA government offers a $3,500 rebate to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) for up to 10,000 eligible vehicles until 2025. The rebate applies to ZEVs with a subtotal of $70,000 or less, including GST. Tesla’s estimated delivery times for all Model Y variants are between July and September 2023.

Below is the application for Western Australia’s ZEV rebate. 

Western Australia Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate (E120) Application by Maria Merano on Scribd

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Tesla delivers over 700 vehicles to Western Australia


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