Tesla Dashcam resolves accident between Model 3 and Motorcycle

A Tesla Model 3 owner credits his dashcam for helping him avoid legal trouble in regard to an accident with a motorcyclist earlier this year.

Tesla Motors Club member “rajetta” was involved in an accident where a motorcyclist collided with the rear-end of his Tesla Model 3 on a highway. Rajetta claims prosecutors and police officers recently dropped the case, including all criminal charges and possible fines after watching the video his Tesla Dashcam captured, perhaps saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and penalties according to his lawyer.

Rajetta states the motorcyclist had three witnesses to the accident who were traveling close by when the incident occurred. It is unclear if the eyewitnesses were friends of the motorcyclist or not. However, the three witnesses claimed Rajetta came into the motorcyclist’s lane without signaling. Unfortunately, Rajetta’s lawyer claimed it would be the motorcyclist’s word against his due to the witnesses, thus putting him at risk of litigation and associated legal fees.

The video captured by Rajetta’s Model 3 was initially uploaded to YouTube. However, he removed the video as legal proceedings were still underway. He updated the TMC community on how the case was going, and as of Sunday, October 20, the case was dropped by prosecutors who claimed the video proved the eyewitnesses would have no way of seeing the accident occur. One of the eyewitnesses had just entered the highway, and the probability of that person seeing the accident clearly was extremely slim, according to Rajetta.

Tesla’s Dashcam saved Rajetta an unknown amount of money. But judging by the incident, it could be assumed the amount would be somewhat significant. Rajetta would not only be responsible for repairing his Tesla, a notoriously pricey task in itself, but also for the damage to the motorcycle, as well as the motorcyclist’s health costs. The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, but was not utilizing any other protective gear and was, in fact, wearing a short sleeve t-shirt. As the motorcyclist slid across the pavement of the highway, it is likely he was subjected to some sort of damage physically. However, Tesla Dashcam saved the day, and Rajetta knows it. “Tesla Dashcam is not perfect, but it is way better than aftermarket systems IMO in terms of practicality,” he said in response to questions from other members of TMC.

Watch the incident captured by Tesla Dashcam between Rajetta and a motorcyclist below.

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Tesla Dashcam resolves accident between Model 3 and Motorcycle


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