Tesla China Model Y LR delivery estimates get longer after price cuts

Tesla China’s delivery estimates for the Model Y Long Range are longer. Tesla reduced the prices of the Model Y Long Range and Performance in China last month.

Tesla China’s Model Y Long Range has an estimated delivery window between 6 to 8 weeks compared to the previous 2 to 6 weeks. The Model Y RWD and Performance variants have an estimated 2 to 6-week delivery window.

Tesla offers the pure black paint option for free with every Model Y Long Range order. The other paint options—silver, white, blue, and red—are available for an additional RMB 8,000 ($1095). The Model Y LR comes with 19” Gemini wheels. Chinese customers can opt for the 20” induction turbo wheels for an extra RMB 8,000. The white interior seats also cost an additional RMB 8,000.

Tesla China also offers Enhanced Autopilot to customers for RMB 32,000. Full Self-Driving costs RMB 64,000. The FSD offered in China differs from the one Tesla offers in the United States. Tesla China’s FSD only offers basic autopilot and enhanced autopilot functions. In the United States, FSD customers get the full functionality of basic and enhanced autopilot, traffic light and stop sign control, and autosteer on city streets.

Last month, Tesla cut the price of the Model Y by up to 4.5%. The company decreased the price of Model Y Long Range by 3.8% and the price of the Performance variant by 4.5%. As of this writing, the Model Y LR costs RMB 299,900 ($41,059.69) before options. The Model Y Performance starts at RMB 349,900 ($47,905.26), and the RWD variant costs RMB 263,900 ($36,130.89) before options. 

Tesla China price cuts and the launch of the upgraded Model 3 from Project Highland are heating up competition in the local Chinese car market. Other automakers competing in the Chinese auto market have decreased their prices, including Volkswagen SAIC, BYD, and Xpeng. 

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Tesla China Model Y LR delivery estimates get longer after price cuts


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