Tesla begins to roll out Model 3 peak power increase in new software update

Tesla has begun to roll out a new software update that boosts Model 3 peak power by 5%. The over-the-air-update was first mentioned by the company in a blog post that introduced the $35k Model 3. Though no timeframe for the upcoming performance increase was mentioned, CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter in the days following the blog post to reveal a March roll out.

“Firmware update coming later this month will increase power by ~5%,” tweeted Musk, adding “top speed [to increase] by 10 km/h or 7mph.”

Now, approximately two weeks after Tesla’s announcement of the upcoming Model 3 performance enhancement and range boost, select owners have started to receive the feature update. Release notes for firmware 2019.8.2 posted to Reddit, confirms the improvement.

Credit: 22marks via Reddit

“Your vehicle’s peak power has been increased by approximately 5%, improving acceleration and performance,” reads the description for the new Peak Power Increase.

Independent tests by Model 3 Performance owners show that the vehicle is already capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 3.18 seconds, and the additional power from firmware 2019.8.2 could only improve upon that. It’s worth noting that the 5% increase in power applies to all Model 3 vehicles, including the Long Range rear-wheel drive and Dual Motor variants.

Already an astounding sports sedan that’s not only able to compete with the best of the best performance-bred cars, on both the street and track, Model 3 looks to extend its lead as a top-seller in its category and climb to the apex of the high-performance car arena.

Tesla begins to roll out Model 3 peak power increase in new software update


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