Tesla adds state incentive tool to website to calculate total tax breaks

Tesla has added a state electric vehicle incentive tool that will calculate both federal and state incentive amounts for customers interested in knowing how much of a break they may receive for buying one of the company’s vehicles.

It also updated the appearance of the warning it inserted on the website earlier this month that federal incentives were likely to be revised after the new year, disqualifying the Model 3 and Model Y from the full $7,500 amount.

Tesla’s tool helps customers realize the discounts they could receive for buying a sustainable vehicle, which state and the federal government have incentivized with tax credits.

Here, we see Tesla buyers in State College, PA would only receive the $7,5o0 tax credit for a Model 3 purchase.

tesla tax credit tool

Credit: Tesla

However, a potential buyer in Ocean City, Maryland, would receive both the $7,500 federal credit and $3,000 in Maryland state incentives.

tesla tax credit tool

Credit: Tesla

There has been a lot of confusion regarding what vehicles will qualify for which credits, and whether customers would be able to receive the full $7,500 credit or a partial $3,750 credit based on things like where the battery materials were manufactured. These details incentivize the manufacturers to build the EVs and their parts here, while customers will be more inclined to buy American-built cars as they will qualify for the full credit.

The federal EV incentives have been driven by the Inflation Reduction Act. Meanwhile, local incentives help to drive consumers to purchase EVs on a state level, as several are aiming to push all new vehicle purchases to be electric by 2035. Maryland and California have adopted this strategy in an effort to achieve sustainability goals.

Tesla also updated the language on the design studio for the Model 3 and Model Y, taking away the direct mention of the December 31 incentive revisions that were posted earlier this month.

The alert now says:

“All new Model 3 and Model Y purchases qualify for a $7,500 federal tax credit for eligible buyers. Additional state incentives may be available.”

However, the language mentioning reductions are likely after December 31 is now included in the tool.

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Tesla adds state incentive tool to website to calculate total tax breaks


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