Richbrook Dipstick Wiper

Don’t Be A Dipstick.. Check Your Oil With Richbrook

Richbrook’s somewhat self-explanatory Dipstick Wiper might just solve a perennial automotive problem. Every single year, literally millions of engines fail due to the wholly avoidable problem of lack of oil. We all know that we should check it, but faffing around looking for a rag to wipe the dipstick is often discouragement enough for us to wait until the oil light comes on to tell us that something’s wrong.

Keeping an oily rag in the car isn’t too pleasant either. Under the bonnet it might get sucked into the air intake or fan, or worse still get hot and catch fire. The best you can hope for is that it gets full of water and slowly rusts through the inner wing..

The Dipstick Wiper, as well as being the source of numerous double-entendres and ‘Only Fools and Horses’ gags around the Richbrook offices, offers a neatly self contained solution to this simple, but vitally important problem.

Simply turn the top to reveal an absorbent foam aperture. Slide the oily dipstick through to fully clean it and then take a clear and accurate reading from the sump. Simple as that. Turn the top to close and any oily residue is kept safely inside, meaning that it can reside anywhere, from your trouser pocket – to your glovebox or toolkit. True ergonomiscists can even use the enclosed 3M adhesive pad to affix the ‘Rodney’ (as he’s known) to a suitable place in the engine bay, meaning that a handy, clean wipe – and possibly a hilarious pun – is always within easy reach.

At £2.95 including VAT, postage and packing from, it’s the cheapest way to ensure that your engine is in tip-top order. You’d be a plonker not to, Rodney!

For more information on the Richbrook range of high quality car accessories, please visit or call the team on 01328 862387.

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  1. Can you ship these to the us? We don’t have anything like it available here or could you sell on eBay or amazon.

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