Motorsport Cameras

If you are involved in the Motorsport world then you have more than likely seen cars with cameras attached to them by now. The world has been going mad about videos for years but more recently it seems to becoming more and more popular within the Motorsport industries.

Many race teams are now using on-board motorsport cameras to capture footage from inside and out side of the vehicle. Using sturdy bullet camera systems which can be mounted on spoilers, roll cages and body panels teams are capturing some of the best footage that even the TV cameras miss.

In addition to the fun side of things these cameras can also be used for training and safety, lets say you had a small bullet camera mounted on your dashboard and were to have someone pull out on you. There is your evidence if the person who pulled out on you decided that they did not want to take the blame, you have everything you need on video.

Two very useful uses for a motorsport camera, not to mention many more….

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