Pro-long Super Protectant. Service Your Surfaces!

Those clever chemists at Prolong UK have come up with yet another fab product to keep your car alive for longer. Their latest innovation, Prolong Super Protectant is a uniquely formulated surface care treatment that improves the appearance and extends the life of any rubber, vinyl, plastic or leather surface.

It’s unique water-resistant formula means it won’t wash off like regular protectants, blocking out the elements for a more durable shine and far longer lasting protection. In independent tests, The Super Protectant formula has been proven to outlast even the best known brands in the World.

Best of all, The ‘glossy dash’ finish, so loved by second hand car dealers can be selected – or avoided, simply by how much you wipe. The shine can be dialled up or down thanks to its unique chemical formulation. Any interior or exterior surface can be treated to create a long lasting barrier against dirt, ozone and ultraviolet damage. Like all Prolong products, the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

Product Features

* Water-Resistant…Outlasts other protectants
* Helps guard against Ozone & Ultraviolet damage.
* Helps Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber & Leather looking new
* Easy to use…No mess applicators

For more information on this, or any Prolong product, please call them Prolong UK on 01628 828473 or click on

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