RCM Launch New ‘Track Attack’ Catch Tank

Current Time Attack Champions Roger Clark Motorsport has added another track tested product to their collection; their new 1.5 litre ‘Track Attack’ Catch Tank.
Each tank is hand-fabricated in RCM’s own development workshops from lightweight aerospace grade aluminium and balances an unusually large capacity with a slim body profile, allowing it to be fitted in a huge variety of positions.
The tank utilises Dash 8 fittings throughout and can either be blanked off to allow ventilated oil to be collected in the catch tank or routed back to the sump if preferred to maintain oil capacity. By using the RCM tank, owners venturing out onto the track or driving hard on the road can expect to prolong engine life thanks to improved levels of lubrication and protection.
Despite its brilliant levels of construction and unparalleled material choice the RCM ‘Track Attack’ tank costs just £275 + VAT.

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