Making your own car video

Since the launch of the camera phone, car owners across the globe have gone mad for video, making hundreds of thousands of small video clips and uploading them to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Video has become an increasingly popular topic across a range of different age groups and by the looks of it will continue to grow at an unbelievable rate, YouTube is now the 2nd biggest “search engine” in the WORLD and attracts millions of users each week.

You can actually make your own video by using your camera phone and edit it using the software provided with your phone. If you are looking to make a more professional video for uploading to YouTube or sharing with friends you can use what they call an action camera. These are video cameras which have been designed for outdoor use and come in a variety of different models, some of which are even waterproof and can be used during water sports.

Here at Maxxd we have tested a number of action cameras, these include the GoPro Motorsport, GoPro Helmet Hero from GoPro UK, the Action Sports Cam and more recently a brand new camera from HD POV.

After many trials, tests, heated discussions and more tests we cannot come to a decision on which one we like the best. However we do feel its a toss up between the GoPro and HDPOV, they both have their uses and benefits and both fall within similar price brackets….

We shall see what happens in the next six months and keep our eyes peeled for more reviews 🙂

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