Modified Nationals 2008

The biggest modified car club show of the year has just passed, and this year there was only rain for one of the days even though we heard that sunshine had been booked for the whole weekend!

The first full day of the show was a big hit with everyone, the clubs were out in full force cleaning cars and setting their stands up, and the public were starting to wlak round and take in all the modified creations that lay before them.

Nationals is one of the few shows where there is no motorsport aspect for people to compete in, or to watch. The show is primarily about the car clubs, so if the weather isn’t good it ruins the entire show. Thankfully the weather was good, and the clubs were taking the opportunity to show everyone what they were made of.

Last years best club stand winners – Street Legal – had a awesome stand on the hard surface near the main hall. They used the same marquee as last year but took on a whole new stand layout the really complimented the area they had been given. – who didn’t even rank last year – showed everyone that they are still here and still a strong force in the scene. Their stand looked very organised and very professional. A few other stand looked good too, British Mods, UK Modified Rides – but many of the clubs didnt even bother!

Many of them may of been disheartened by the weather last year, but we are English and should be used to a bit of rain by now!

The second day wasnt as good, as the heavens opened and many of the car clubs  decided to call it a day and go home. The few that stayed, were the ones that had put in lots of effort, and surprisingly the ones that won the awards!

The winners are as follows;

Best Car on a Trade Stand – Pink Yaris by Suki Yen

Best Car on a Club Stand – Blue Wide Arch Mini by Wayne from Sinful Behaviour

3rd Place Best Club Stand – CMMOC

2nd Place Best Club Stand – Sinful Behaviour

1st Place Best Club Stand Champs – Modified Car Club

Spirit of the Show – TBC

Congratulations to all the clubs and individuals that walked away with silverware, you all put a lot of hard work into your cars and club stands at the Modified Nationals 2008 – And it paid off!

We have only managed to find images from one club – if you have images please email us a link to your gallery and we’ll display some!

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