Welcome to MCP

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website. Our aim is to bring you the latest news from the modified car world.

We come from a strong modified car related background, and feel that there is a gap in the news market when it comes to the modified and performance aspect of the automotive industry. if you wanted to find info and news on F1, motorsport, or any form of car racing the you would be able to find it within a few searches on google.

We aim to fill the gap, and provide everyone in the uk up-to-date news on what we consider the most exciting part of the “scene”.

If you would like to become a reporter for us, then send an email to info@modifiedcarpages.co.uk with your name, hobbies and background and we will get back to you!

In addition to this, if you own a modified car site or forum, and you would like to use our news on your site, then get in touch and we will show you how!

Welcome to the future of modified car news!

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